Academy Rules

  1. No shoes/sandals on the mat. 
  2. Always wear a clean Gi and/or No-Gi attire. 
  3. Recommended to bring a pair of flip flops/sandals to get on and off the mat area.
  4. Bow when entering and exiting the mat.
  5. Greet teammates upon entering the mat. Shake everyone hands upon entering mat.
  6. Welcome all guests and visitors by introducing yourself. Treat newcomers as you would like to be treated.
  7. Use respectful language and behavior, especially around minors. 
  8. Before starting class and at the end of class make sure to have your entire Gi on as well as a properly tightened belt.
  9. Do not remove Gi tops or rash guards in the mat area until the end of class. Unless instructed by teacher.
  10. Put shoes/sandals on immediately upon exiting the mat. This holds true even if you’re just going to the bathroom.
  11. Keep fingers and toenails short and trimmed. Alway take showers before and after training. Arrive to academy clean and smelling good for your training partners. 
  12. If you are sick or getting sick stay home. If you show any signs of ringworm/rash stay home and treat properly.
  13. Always compliment your sparring partner and shake/touch hands before and after the roll.
  14. Only apply as much force as needed. Never intentionally harm anyone.
  15. Remember to tap early and often, do not wait to tap when your partner has a submission. Let go immediately when opponent taps. 
  16. Keep your hands away from partners face, no scratching, biting, hair pulling, slamming, hitting or kicking of any kind. 
  17. Always follow IBJJF Tournament Rules while sparring/rolling with your training partners. 
  18. Be on time to class. If you happen to arrive late, wait at the entrance to the mat till the instructor says it’s okay for you to join.
  19. Ask instructor’s permission to leave before exiting the mat.
  20. Refrain from chatting while the instructor is talking.
  21. No cell phone on the mat during class.
  22. No picture or video taping the classes unless authorized by teachers. Teachers may take pictures or film during class for our instagram and facebook pages. 
  23. No food or gum on the mat.
  24. When the instructor assigns a task, continue doing that task until the instructor says otherwise. You can never drill a technique too many times
  25. Have fun!